Another beginning

This is my blog dedicated to my “Animation In Progress” While attending Animation Mentor, hope you enjoy, and keep animating!

Art is Life, Life Is Art


current reel winter 2013

51 animation exercises

Level 1 Exercises
Back to basics, this is from the 51 Great Animation Exercises to Master

Linear Pass


So this is just my linear pass, face has not really been touched, still working out the part through frames 300

another blocking pass

so did a bit of a revamp, on the acting choices, simplified a lot,
as you can see there are two versions, I am going with the second camera most likely, with adjustments, still rough tell me what you think

blocking pass 001


blocking pass, added some rough facial animation, still have to change the camera to make it closer, and get rid of all the negative space tell me what you think

Layout for new shot

new shot I am working on very, rough

update with cloth

few things i have to figure out at the end of the shot, also getting ready to start a new one, shot reference a couple of days ago, now thumb nailing time